Top Youtubers in India 2021

Top YouTubers in India

YouTube has become the most popular video streaming service around the globe and across India. It is a free video streaming platform where content creator uploads their video and rest of the world watches it. In recent years it has become the most popular social media platform. Every hour billion of hours of video is watched globally and thousands of hour of video is watched on daily basis. It has become one of the best sources of entertainment and knowledge. More is more students are benefitting from YouTube. As the demand for YouTube has grown exponentially so as the creators. Many content creators create a video for YouTube on daily basis but few of them are very popular in India.

  • CarryMinati – His real name is Ajay Nagar. He was born on 12 June 1999 in Faridabad. He attended school till 2016, after that he dropped out from there to pursue his career in YouTube. He skipped class 12 Board Examination (Economics Paper) because of Nervousness later he completed distance education.

Based in Faridabad he is the most successful Indian Youtuber with 28 million followers. His videos are mostly in Hindi. His other YouTube channel CarryisLive with 8 million followers is dedicated to the game. His main channel contains roast videos. His one video “YouTube vs TickTok – The End” become the most liked video on YouTube. However, this video was later removed by YouTube on the ground of Cyberbullying and Abusive language. He is very popular among teens and the younger generation. His video contains roast, satire, and humor.

ashish chanchlani
  • Ashish Chanchlani — He was born on 8th December 1993 in Ulhasnagar, Maharashtra. He is one of the famous YouTuber in India. Currently, his channel “ashish chanchlani vines” has 23 million followers. His videos mostly contain comedy, drama. A clip of one of his video was shown in Hollywood blockbuster Men In Black.
  • Amit Bhadana – He was born on 7th September 1994 in Bulandshahr (Uttar Pradesh) and later moved to Johri Pur (Delhi). He has completed his graduation from the University of Delhi

He started his YouTube channel on 24th October 2012 and currently, he has 22 Million followers. His video contains comedy, drama, and emotion. His videos are very much popular in all age groups. He is claimed to be the first individual Indian Youtuber to cross 20 million subscribers. Some of his videos have become the most liked video on YouTube. Most of his videos are in Hindi and Haryanvi.

bhuwan bam
  • Bhuvan Bam – He was born on 24th January 1994 in Baroda (Gujarat) and later he moved to Delhi. However, he is Maharashtrian. He is a comedian, writer, singer, songwriter, and very famous YouTube personality. His channel “BB Ki Vines” is very famous in India, especially in youth. He joined YouTube on 20 June 2015 with 20 Million followers and a total of more than 3 billion views. Most of the videos are on comedy with a different character all played by himself only. In earlier days he used to shoot videos from the front camera of the phone. He used to make videos for Facebook and YouTube. His one of series “Titu Talks” was very famous (featuring Sharukh Khan in the first episode). He also appeared in the short film Plus Minus, with Divya Dutt for which he got a Filmfare award.
  • Gaurav Chaudhari – Gaurav Chaudhari was born in Ajmer, Rajasthan. He moved to Dubai in 2012 for Higher Studies (Microelectronics at BITS Pilani). He is Dubai based tech YouTuber famously known as Technical Guruji. His most video is based on new technology and widely apricated in India. He makes videos on the latest model of Mobile, Computes, and other electronics. He does un-boxing of every new mobile phone, laptop, and other electronic gadgets which is widely apricated in Indian viewers. His videos are simple and easy to understand. Many people watch his video before purchasing any electronic gadget.

He has 2 channels.

  1. Technical Guruji –20 Million Subscriber (more than 2 billion views)
  2. Gaurav Chaudhari – 4 Million Subscriber (more than 200 million views)

              His first channel is based on Technology while the second is based on travel and lifestyle. He loves traveling which can be seen in his 2nd channel. He has also received a certificate to work with the security system from Dubai Police.

  • Gaurav Taneja – He was born on 9th July 1986 in Kanpur. His channel Flying Beast is very much popular in India. He is one of the most loved and acclaimed Youtuber. He is Flight Captain by profession, a professional bodybuilder, an IITan, and a very famous YouTuber. His wife Ritu Rathee is also a commercial airline pilot. His vlog is very simple and contains all family-related things and his day to day activity. His cute daughter Rasbhari is very famous among Indian families. Currently, he has 3 YouTube channel.                                                                                                                               1) Flying Beast — being most popular one (4.5 million subscribers and 1.3 billion views)                 2) Fit Muscle TV — Contains all the Fitness related activities and things and workouts related to the gym and a healthy diet. (1.8 million subscriber and 150 million views)                                                   3) Rasbhari ke Papa – Gaming channel contains (1.28 million subscriber and 41 million views).
  • Harsh Beniwal – He was born on 13th Feb 1996 in Delhi. He created his YouTube channel on 6th May 2015 with the name “Harsh Beniwal”. His channel contains comedy, drama, vines. His videos are very much popular in all age groups, especially the young generation. He has done BCA from Shri Aurobindo college in New Delhi. He is also the creator of the famous YouTube channel “Hasley India”.
  • Sandeep Maheshwari – He was born on 28th September 1980. He has done Bachelor’s in Commerce from Kirori Mal College but dropped out in his final Years. He is very famous for his motivational videos on YouTube. He is widely acclaimed by the Indian Audience for his motivational and inspiring stories.

Some interesting facts :

  • He is the founder of Imagesbazaar which is the largest collection of Indian Images.
  • He holds the world record of clicking 10,000 shots of 122 models in 10 Hour 45 minutes.
  • He started as a freelance photographer without owning a studio.
  • He is not only a very successful Youtuber, but also a very entrepreneur, guide, mentor, Public speaker, and role model to millions of people around the globe.
  • Vivek Bindra – He was born on 5th April 1978. He is more to entrepreneur and motivational speaker than to Youtuber. However, he is very much famous on YouTube. His motivational videos on YouTube draws millions of viewers around the globe. Currently, he has 15 Million Subscribers on YouTube with 900 million total views.

Some interesting facts :

  • He is the founder and CEO of Bada Business Pvt Limited.
  • Awarded as “Best Leadership Trainer in Asia” by World HRD Congress & Marshall Goldsmith
  • Trusted Advisor for Over 1500 Corporates Clients.
  • Motivational & Keynote Speaker – Inspired Over 1,000,000 People.
  • Awarded as “The Best Motivational Speaker in India” by The International Association of Lion’s Club.
  • Author of 10 High Power Motivational
  • Acclaimed Executive Coach for over 100 Top CEO’s in India.
  • Received over 100 Awards & Recognitions in last 3 Years.
  • Prajakta Koli – She was born on 23rd June 1993 in Mumbai and very famous female YouTuber. Her YouTube channel “MostlySane” is very popular with a Young Indian audience. She joined YouTube on 10th Feb 2015 and currently has 6 million Subscribers with 850 million total views. She wanted to become Radio Jockey and worked as a radio intern for one year. Later she started her own YouTube channel and the rest is history. She is a very well known face on YouTube. She is also very active in other social activities and helping people.
  • Nisha Madhulika – Born on 25th august Uttar Pradesh, is an Indian chef and a very famous YouTube personality. She also runs many food columns for various websites. Her food vlog is very famous on YouTube which draws millions of viewers to her content every month. She joined YouTube on 2nd August 2009 and currently has 11 million subscribers with a total of more than 2 billion views. She makes vegetarian Indian recipe that is easy to cook. She has also her website where all the recipes are given in Hindi.

These are a few of the most popular Youtuber in India. However, there are many more great YouTubers who create awesome content for their audience on YouTube. They have chosen YouTube as their full-time career. YouTube has not only given them fame, but also money. Their work is widely acclaimed in India as well as globally. Many of the YouTuber had started YouTube as part-timers but later they went for full time.

Currently, YouTube has become the most popular social media platform for online Video Streaming. Now the big corporation has also joined YouTube to promote their products. It has become a very big platform to grow their business and reach common people. With the coming of big corporates and media quality of YouTube video has improved to a great extent and this trend is going to increase day by day.

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