Small Business Idea in India 2021

Small Business Ideas in India

In today’s competitive world everyone wants to have their own business but few people only make their way. Starting a business is not easy especially in this completive environment and running it is more difficult.

To start a business you should have some skills and initial investment. However, the amount of capital depends on what type of business you are starting. However, some businesses can be started with little capital but with the time it grows and earns you a decent amount. Initially, you can start your business alone, and as time grows you can add more people.

Some key facts should be kept in mind before starting any business:

  • Plan – Identify your expertise and plan accordingly. Before starting any business few points should always be kept in mind like location, demand, investment, logistics, etc.
  • Capital – You need initial capital before starting any business. Different business needs a different amount of capital.
  • Location – Always keep in mind the location, however, some of the businesses are location independent like Blogging, Digital Marketing, YouTube, and other online business activities.

1. Blogging– It one of the fastest-growing platforms. As the internet is widely and easily available people are becoming more and more aware of blogging. Blogging can be started in any niche. The main benefit of being a blogger is that you can start your blog from any part of the world and connect with people. All you need is one Laptop and good internet. There are many free tutorials on YouTube on blogging where you can learn all the aspects of blogging. You can easily earn from 25k-50k and even much more depending upon your blog.


How to start :

  • Select any niche on which you are comfortable in writing an article.
  • Buy any domain suitable to your niche and hosting to host your blog. Most of the blogs are currently created in WordPress however there are other platforms like blogger, Wix and there are many more in the market.
  • Start writing a great article.

2. YouTube – YouTube is the most seen online video platform in the world. Millions of hours of videos are watched daily around the globe. Every hour thousands of hours of video is being uploaded on YouTube. Anyone can simply open its own YouTube channel and upload videos. With every thousand views, YouTube pays you a certain amount. Creating channel and uploading videos on YouTube is completely free. You don’t have to pay any amount, the only thing that is needed is a basic knowledge of video editing.

How to start :

  • You should have Laptop and camera. Initially, you can start with a phone camera also. Many big names on YouTube have started their YouTube journey with a camera phone only.
  • Select your topic on which you want to make videos. You should decide the niche of your channel before starting it
  • Basic video editing skills.
  • That’s it. With above mentioned 3 things you can start your YouTube journey.

3. Digital Marketing – Digital marketing is bigger scope. Blogging and YouTube come under Digital marketing. Digital marketing means marketing your product with the help of the Internet. Traditional marketing is done through various means like a direct reach to customer, door to door marketing, posters, or pamphlets. While digital marketing is done on the Internet.

The main benefit of digital marketing is that you control your target audience based on your requirement. Your target audience is very much precise so the chances of hitting the right people are very much high.

You can connect with businesses in the market and help them grow their businesses with the help of digital marketing. For helping them out with marketing you can charge them a particular amount.

The main benefit of digital marketing is that with the help of digital marketing you can reach an audience all over the globe. It is not specific to any particular region.

Digital marketing includes :

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Pay Per Click
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Online PR

All these are forms of digital marketing. Digital marketing is a very vast subject. You have to be master in any one of the topics and work on that. Today demand for digital marketing is growing at tremendous speed. All you need to do is grab an opportunity and excel at it.

4. Online Jobs – There is much online work that can be done from home. All you need is a laptop and a good internet connection. There are a variety of online jobs, all you need is some skill to do this work. There is a various platform where you can search online jobs like :

  • Upwork
  • Freelancer

There can be a variety of work which can be done online like

  • Website development
  • App Development
  • Online Survey
  • Data Entry
  • Tech Support

5. Network Marketing – This is also called Multi-level-Marketing. Network marketing is business model which is based on direct people to people sale with the help of a representative. Anyone can join Network marketing.

In this type of strategy, companies sell their products directly to customers through MLM representatives. Anyone interested can join this chain with some basic formality.

It’s a kind of chain marketing where after joining a company you look for others to join the company under your subset.

The main benefit of doing MLM is that, not only earn for your work but also you get for other people who joined under you. This way you get the benefit of both. This can also be seen as a source of passive income. It’s a team-based business model and your success depends on your team’s success. Once you have created a good team rest will be handled by them.

6. Food business – The food business is one of the oldest and safest business. It is in demand in the olden days and it will be in demand in the future.

Food business includes Restaurant, tiffin service, food truck and the business related to making food and serving to the customer.

In every city, you can see a variety of restaurants, food – truck, food stall. It is more concentrated near colleges, hostel, business park, companies, railway station, etc.

The family often goes to the restaurant, especially on weekends. So the demand for this is never going down.

Tiffin’s service is also very much demanding. You can cook food at home and start your tiffin service from there. It’s a very low investment business where you can easily earn a decent amount. Tiffin services are more popular in metro cities.

7. Used Laptops/Computers – Nowadays there is a huge demand for used laptops/computers. Small start-ups need good configuration laptops at an affordable price, so they go for second-hand laptops. There is a huge demand for used laptops in the market, especially in the rural market.

Setting up of dealership can be very much profitable. Second- hand laptops can be purchased at a low price and after modifying and updating software they can be sold at a good price. Many dealerships are already in this business and there is ample opportunity for everyone.

8. Photography – Very decent profession and can be started easily if you are focused on this. You need dedication and a few contacts to get a contract or work. To start this you need to have a good DSLR camera, tripod, laptop, and basic knowledge of photography. You can start from a small studio or start from home.

There are many diploma courses which teach you photography. If you are smart enough to learn from YouTube. There are various tutorials on Photography.

After learning start taking the contract for a wedding shoot, model shoot, event shoot and the list goes on.

9. Cake and Bakery – Owning a bakery shop or manufacturing a bakery is a very profitable business. It is a low investment business that can be started from anywhere.

The bakery business includes making cookies, pastries, cakes. There is always a demand for bakery products and it increases significantly during the festival season.

Nowadays homegrown bakery is hugely popular and in great demand. Many people from the upper-middle class have also started a home bakery and making a decent profit. It is low capital and low labor business. Home-made cakes, cookies are supplied in the market, at home, function, and the organization.

10. Renting Furniture – Nowadays you can also rent furniture. Furniture is often rented in big cities and towns. People who move to a new city for a shorter time often go for rented furniture. They don’t have to pay for the whole furniture instead they pay a very little amount for selected furniture per month.

Furniture shop often buys 2nd hand furniture and use them for rent. It’s a very good source of income as you have to only invest once and you will earn for months.

You can advertise your service on Olx or any other advertising platform. People often go to these types of platforms to search for rented products.

11. Café – Café culture is becoming very much popular in cities and even small towns. The young crowd especially college-going students are very much attracted to these café. They often prefer to spend more time in a café with their friend.

It requires low capital and very few people to start. Many cafes are opened in partnership as this reduces your initial investment. Café doesn’t need much advertisement instead it needs good service and better food. Rest will be taken care of by your satisfied customer.

12. Handicraft – Handicraft items are very much popular especially among foreign tourists. When people from other country visit any country, their priority is always hand made goods.

The handicraft industry provides a large number of jobs to local people. Government supports the handicraft industry and provides loans for that. It requires very little capital and is a very profitable business. Some handicraft goods are also exported and they very huge demand in the international market. They earn foreign currency for our country.

You don’t need to have any formal degree or education to start this business, all you need some skill and talent.

13. Real Estate Agent – Real estate is a booming sector in our country. People need to rent or buy the property so they need a real estate agent. With a small office and good contact, you can start your real estate agency. You should have strong convincing power to convince people. You can also advertise your agency on various advertisement sites like olx, Quicker.

14. Yoga Instructor – Yoga is part of our life and yoga culture is increasing day by day. Now we have also International Yoga day. Yoga instructors are needed everywhere. So learn Yoga and teach Yoga.

You can take a yoga batch to teach people or do individual coaching. With yoga, other activities like Zumba are also taught. Learn these skills to help others.

15. Ice Cream Parlor – Very profitable business as this business little investment and good return. You can start an ice cream parlor and earn a decent amount.

16. Noodle Making – It’s a very simple business and easy to start. It requires minimal investment and a good return. Basic raw materials like wheat flour, salt, vegetable oil are needed. It can be started from home.

Both automated and semi-automated machines are available in the market. With these machines, noodles can be made easily and quickly. These machines are not very much expensive so they can be easily be set up in the rural area. And the demand for noodles is in every market (rural or urban) so the final product can be easily shipped into the urban market.

17. Mobile Shop – After the computer mobile has become the most important device in everyone’s life. And with the coming of the more advanced phone, it is slowly replacing the computer. Once work is done on the computer is now done on the mobile phone.

So the demand for mobile phones has increased exponentially. It is a low investment and high-profit business. The mobile shop can be opened in any market and with good service and competitive price you can easily win the trust of the customer.

Apart from selling, repairing the old phone, selling mobile accessories are a few of the things. More income can also be generated by buying/selling older phones.

18. Dry-clean and laundry – Can be easily started from home or small space. Need very few working staff to run this service. You can take the contract from the hotel and provide the service. Individual customers also help in running a business.

Good service is very much required in this profession as this will earn you a reputation and help you in gaining a customer. The initial investment is low as compared to other businesses and it’s easy to start. No need to invested very much in the advertisement because good service can easily gain you more customers.

This business is fit for both markets (Rural or urban).

Thumb Rule to start any business: Before starting any business some points should always be kept in mind like investment, location, type of business, your interest. No business is good or bad. Any business takes time to grow. So work hard be patient and give your best.

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