Importance of Resume

Importance of Resume

A resume is a document that describes your education, past work experience, credential, and accomplishment. It’s a complete description of all the professional achievements you have done in past. It’s a very important document which helps you find a good job. Any employer first checks your resume only before interviewing you. So it’s the first impression of yourself. A good resume not only gives good visibility but also increases your chance to get hired easily.

Content of Resume :

  • Resume profile: It is an overall summary of yourself. It describes who you are and what job you are applying for. It describes your achievement and also your future goals. The resume profile should always be short and precise. All the information given here should be updated and accurate. Whenever an employer checks your resume, it checks your resume profile first. If your resume profile is not impressive chances of rejection increase, so always put your best first.
  • Contact Information: It includes your name, your phone number, your email id, your social media link especially Linkedin (this is optional however if you give it will be added benefit for you). Nowadays companies also check your Social Profile before hiring. So if you have a good Social Media profile it will be an added advantage for you. Your contact information should be correct because then only the company can contact you on phone or over email.
  • Work Experience – It includes all your professional work done in past in a previous company. It includes years you have worked, designation, project handled in a previous company. It gives a brief description of all the mentioned points.
  • Education: This section covers all your academic achievements done so far like your school, college, percentage, year of passing (10th,12th, and Graduation). Filling this section is very important as companies verifies these sections very carefully and any discrepancy in this section can land you in big trouble.
  • Skill Set – This section contains all the skills you know (Your Primary and secondary skill). It also includes the certification you have done so far. A good set of skills can help you get selected easily and also it puts a good impression on your employer.

An important step for Writing Resume :

  • Always use A4 size white paper for Resume.
  • Always try to have a resume in MS Word Format. In MS Word there are different fonts and templates already provided to you.
  • Mention every achievement in your resume.
  • Always write in points. Employers prefer pointwise detail rather than a full paragraph.
  • If possible try to include social detail (only Linkedin) in your resume.
  • Your contact detail should be accurate because if you get selected, the employer will contact you through your.

Types of Resume :

  • Chronological Resume
  • Functional Resume
  • Combination Resume
  • Infographic Resume
  • Targeted Resume
  • Non-Traditional Resume
  • Chronological Resume – This one is the most popular one where your work is in chronological order with your recent work is on top. This is preferred by both employee and employer as it gives a quick snap-shot of your work with recent work being on top.

When to use this Resume – This type of resume is considered as best if you have a solid work history and you want to show your previous work to the employer in a short time.

  • Functional Resume – Functional resume focuses mainly on your skills and experience rather than your work experience in chronological order. Instead of your previous work history in chronological order, it contains your skill, your accomplishment, and your experience.

When to use this resume – This resume is used by the people when they change their career or they have gaps in their work experience. This is also used by the person who has less experience or they are new to the industry. This resume mainly highlights your skillset and experience rather than your previous work history. This is also useful for a person with a diverse background who does not have a very clear path.

  • Combination Resume – As the name suggests it is a combination of a chronological and functional resume. This type of resume contains your work experience in chronological order as well as your skillset.

When to use this resume – This type of resume is used basically when you want to show your work experience as well as your skillset.

  • Targeted Resume — Targeted resume customized for the particular job you are seeking for. This resume contains everything which a particular job demands. A targeted resume is preferred for your job as it is easy for an employer to look for the skill it needs. A targeted resume always takes more time to make as it is not generic however it put a positive impact on your employer.

Instead of a generic resume, it is always advisable to have a targeted resume.

  • Non-Traditional Resume – Non-Traditional Resume is a little different from the above-mentioned resume. It contains photos, graphics, videos. It can be an online or physical resume. This type of resume contains your bio-data in video format. It’s a little difficult to make as you need to make a video and image file for this type of resume.

This type of resume is made by people who are in a creative field like journalism, web design, content creator. However, nowadays normal people are also preferring this type of resume as it separates you from the rest of the crowd and put a very positive impact on the employer.

You should choose a resume according to your need and the job you are applying for. If you are new or not aware of writing a resume, take the help of a professional. There is a various website which creates resume for you are charged a certain amount. It is always advisable to have your resume written from professionals because they know the latest industry trend. They know what to add and what not to.

A good resume always put a positive impact on the employer. Your goal is to keep your resume brief and up to the point.  Some studies have shown that many talented candidates get rejected because of a poor quality resume. Poor quality can be because of various reason like:

  • Improper format of resume.
  • Improper font or style of resume. Heading, Paragraph should be properly aligned.
  • Wrong information about your education, work experience, skillset. All the mentioned information should be accurate and updated. Any wrong information about these things is considered fraud and the company treats these things very seriously.
  • Missing information like your skillset, contact detail, work experience. Any of the information missings put a very bad impression on the employer and that resume is considered as fake. So candidate should avoid doing this type of silly mistake

Very short or lengthy resume. Resumes should be made in such a way that all points should be covered without any extra irrelevant information. An employer gets n number of the resume so reading all of them is impossible. So in the limited time, he checks some of the basic points only of all the resume.

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