Importance of English for Career

Importance of English for Career

Why English is important for a Career or Is English is important for a career? The answer is resounding Yes. English is a global language and is very much important for your career. Today use of English is in every sector. Getting a high-paid or white-collar job requires good knowledge of English. It gives an edge over another competitor if you know English well.

Why English has become so important?

  1. It has become a global language and is widely used in every corner of the world.
  2. English is widely used in former British colonies and other parts of the world.
  3. It is called the world’s Local Language, as this language is used as a common language to communicate with people of other countries.
  4. Widespread use of Computers. Most of the programing language and software are in English so it becomes very important to know English. However, there is a lot of software which are made for local language speakers but still English language software is widely used.
  5. Most multinational companies use English as their preferred language so people working in these companies use English as their language for office work.

How to Improve English:

  • Communication: Communicating is very much important. It’s the first step towards improving your language. Try to find someone who speaks English and talk to them. Initially, you will find difficulty in speaking with the time it will be easier for you. People hesitate to talk in English but the more you talk more fluent will be your English.   
  • Reading: Try reading an English newspaper or magazine. There is a lot of free course/tutorial available on internet through which you can learn English. All these tutorials are free and readily available. All you need is a laptop/phone and internet connection. There are many tutorials on YouTube which teach you English for free. YouTube is the best medium to learn English or any skill which are demanded in the market. There is a lot of apps available on the App Store which can be downloaded and they are free. However, there are many paid tools also which teach you English. You can choose any one of them according to your convenience.
  • Setting Goal: Try setting goals. To learn anything setting up a goal is very much important. Without a goal, you cannot achieve anything.
  • Vocabulary: Increase your vocabulary. Always try to increase your vocabulary. Make a habit of learning 5 new words every day. Use dictionary, English paper to learn new words. You can make a note and make habit of writing new words. English newspaper is a very good source of vocabulary and learns English. Make habit of reading English newspapers as this will not improve your English but also you will be updated with the current affair. There are many apps also which help you to increase your vocabulary and these apps are free and paid also.
  • Spoken English class: Many spoken English classes help you in learning English. You can join these classes to learn English. These classes are very helpful if you live in small cities and you don’t have friends/family who can speak English. These classes clear your basics of English and help you in learning English.
  • Improve Grammar: Grammar is very much important. Grammar is the first step in any language. Grammar is the most difficult part of any language. Without grammar, you cannot do mastery in any language whether it’s Hindi, English, or German. There are many good books on grammar which are available in the market but it is always advisable to have a good tutor for grammar. You can find physical as well as online tutors. Many websites provide tutors from English-speaking countries. These are paid services but they provide very good service.You can directly talk to them and resolve your query. Grammar helps you in writing a correct sentence. So learning grammar is as important as speaking English.

How good knowledge in English is beneficial

  • Gives confidence – It gives you confidence during an interview. It is very likely to impress the interviewer if you have good English. Many jobs require fluent communication in English and they judge candidates based on their communication skills. In many private sectors on in any MNCs English has become mandatory. However, knowing English is not only the criteria to get hired in MNCs but there are other parameters also but good English gives you an end over another candidate.
  • Internet – World of the Internet is dominated by the English language. If you open any sites you likely find the site in English only. However, there is a good Hindi website but most of the sites are in English. If you don’t understand English then it is very likely that you may not able to understand the content.
  • Academics — Nowadays many professional courses (engineering, medical, MBA) are taught in English only. It is seen that student coming from regional medium school finds difficulty in understanding these subjects. They have to put in extra effort to understand the subjects. Due to this division is created between regional medium students and English medium students. They find difficulty in competing with English medium students. These types of problems have been faced by many state board students so many state governments have made English a mandatory subject in the curriculum.


  • Jobs: Many well-paid jobs require English fluency. Management jobs require very much fluency in English. During the interview, they very much judge a candidate on their English fluency. Many International call center requires English speaking candidate and they pay handsome salary to them compared to a domestic one. These call centers require to talk to the foreign customer so English is mandatory here. There is a domestic call center also which provides service in Hindi or any regional language and they do not require mandatory English speaking.
  • Teaching Jobs – Many teaching jobs required good English communication. In every school, there is a vacancy for an English teacher. It is difficult to get an English teacher so schools readily pay a good salary to English teachers. You can also give private tuition to a student who wants to learn English. You can also teach the student online on the various web platform. You can create a tutorial on learning English and charge a nominal fee from students to learn.
  • Writing jobs: You also write an article in English and post it online. Many blogs today wrote are in English only. You can create your blogging website and post your content. You can also do freelancing and write an article for other bloggers. Many websites give you work like content writing. You can also write content for a newspaper/magazine.
  • Blogging: Start your blogging site. Blogging is a very popular way of expressing yourself and giving your ideas to the world. It is one of the most popular sources of online income. Most of the blogging is in English only, however, there are few blogging sites in the regional language but they are not as demanding as the English language. English language blog has a global audience and hence they have far more impact and reach over global masses. This has already been discussed in detail in another article. It’s easy to start, all you need is a laptop, internet connection.
  • Industrial Trainer – Many industries require English as a primary skill. They need a resource who is good at English. So they hire English trainers who could train their resources. Most international call centers or legal firms hire English trainers for their clients or resource. Many international call centers hire English trainers to train their resources. English trainer has huge demand in these industries and they easily get these jobs with good PayScale. However, to get a job as an English trainee your English language as well as grammar should be very good. Mostly these kinds of jobs are popular in metro cities but with the coming of a call center in tier 2 cities, these jobs can be easily found in these cities. Some companies are also hiring an online trainer for their resource so you can also do these jobs remotely.
  • App-Based Job – If you are good at English and you want to share your knowledge with the world then this is the right job for you. There are many apps which provide English course to their student. These apps are more famous in Non-English-speaking countries especially in Asia, Africa, and parts of Europe. You can register yourself to these apps and provide your service. The main benefit of these jobs is that they are remote-based means you don’t have to go anywhere in fact you can train your student from your home. Also, these apps have a global reach so you get the opportunity to share your knowledge with the world. Salary is good in these kinds of jobs and it grows further with experience.

Conclusion: Over time English has become a global language. It is the most common language spoken around the world. So learning English is a very good option and a person should learn English to give it’s career a good growth.

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