Challenges and Opportunities for job after covid

Challenges and Opportunities for job after covid

The year 2020 brought many challenges to us. This year will always be recorded in history for some of the unexpected situations. After covid break world has changed completely. Many day-to-day norms have been changed. Many things which were once imagined became a part of life.

Due to this pandemic job sector was massively affected. Millions of jobs were lost and hiring was feezed. Many people were forced to live in poverty again.

Some of the effect of covid on the job Sector :

  • Many jobs were lost and new hiring was almost feezed in 2020.
  • Many companies shifted their work from office to home. Work from home which was common in the IT industry became the norm in other industries also.
  • As employees were allowed to work from home, there was massive internal migration of employees from big metro cities to smaller towns as employees moved to their native towns.
  • Long working hours for employees.

Effect :

Work from Home

Work from home became a new norm in Industry. Most of the work was shifted from office mode to work from home mode. All of a sudden work became online from the physical model. Because of this, there was massive pressure on Internet bandwidth. Internet service provider companies started experiencing huge traffic. Due to this average Internet speed was reduced.

However, due to the online process, getting things done became easy and fast.

Demand for IT Professional

As the demand for Software increases, so as the demand for IT professionals. People became more and more dependent on computers. So the demand for software increased. People realized the importance of computers in their daily life. More and more stuff is becoming online. In many recent surveys, it is expected that there will be a lot of demand for IT professionals. From creating software to the maintenance of software is some of the work which will be in trend in recent year. People have realized that it is very important to learn these skills (Computer skills). Computer and IT has become the engine of the country’s growth. The government itself has launched many programs like Digital India where everything is being digitalized. The work which was never thought of will be digital, today they are done digitally.

Demand For Freelancer

With everything being digital more software professionals are needed. So to minimize the shortage of trained Software Professionals many Freelancers have come to the market. These freelancers are very easy to hire and they easily create the software as per our demand. As this is a remote job so no need to go to big cities for working. All you need basic knowledge of any programing language, laptop, and good Internet connection. You are now connected to the world and ready to go. After covid or, during this pandemic, the demand for good freelancers has grown exponentially. Now there is a shortage of good freelancers. There is a huge demand to create software and its maintenance. So small companies or the individual tends to hire more freelancer as they cheaper compared to hiring a full-time employee. Their salary depends on their work and they charge per hour. So the demand for a freelancer will increase in the coming future. This way more job will be created for a skilled worker who lives in small towns and cities.

This way skilled workers can easily get work online and earn a decent amount. They don’t have to go to big cities to get a job. Living in small cities with limited resources can also get them a good source of income. All they need is to learn some IT skills.

Digital Nomads: This is a little new concept and even very few people would be knowing about this. But this has become very popular especially after covid. Digital Nomads are IT professionals who do not have an office and they work remotely from different parts of the world. They travel the globe and work online and earn money. This concept has become very popular in foreign countries but this is also coming in India as many people are preferring to work from home only.

Salaries are higher in this type of job as the company doesn’t have to pay for office infrastructure. So they can easily redistribute their income to their employee. People don’t have to move to big cities in search of a job instead they can easily do their work from home.

As more and more people will be doing their work from home only so coming to big cities will not be mandatory.

This will put less strain on cities’ infrastructure as more and more people will be moving to smaller cities.

The price of the property and other household items will be decreased in the metro and it will be more affordable to common people.

Small cities will see more influx of worker as more people will return to their native place, so this will bring money to even smaller towns and cities.

There would be more development of smaller cities as more money will be available there.

Scope of Automation: Automation will play a major role in the coming years. More and more works will be automated which will directly impact low-skilled workers. There is a good chance that automation will eat a lot of jobs but it will also create an opportunity for high skilled workers. More and more jobs will be created in the automation sector. There is a high chance of automation being extensively used in the manufacturing sector which will directly impact low-skilled workers.

Due to automation productivity of industries will be increased and so their profit. Hence the salary of high skilled labor will increase. This can bring a positive effect on our economy.

There would be the rapid growth of automation in the Medical, Service, and banking sectors which will overall shape our new labor force.

There is one more sector that will see good growth shortly, Health, and Nutrition. After covid people have realized the importance of health and nutrition. So people will very much focus on their health. This will also open opportunities for companies working in Health and fitness sector. There will be rapid demand for people in this sector. The more health-related product will be launched in the market. So we can see good growth in this sector. Many Yoga Instructors, Gym trainers, and dieticians will be required in the coming future. People with this skill can take advantage of the trend.

Swadeshi Product (Indigenous Product): Post covid every country has understood the importance of being self-reliant including India, the US, and every major country in the world. Due to this government will push and encourage our local manufacturers to produce goods that are imported from foreign country especially China. To help local manufacturing government may give various intensive and loans. This will create more jobs in our country. More and more people can be benefited from this. There will be a sharp rise in jobs in especially in the rural market.

Entrepreneurship Development – Entrepreneurs are going to play a major role in our economy. The government has realized the importance of entrepreneurship and so promoting various schemes which help individuals to become an entrepreneur and create their own business. This will not only create wealth but also create a job for others.

Post covid we can see a start-up culture that will attract new talent and help create new jobs. Much big business around the globe once started as a “Start-up” now has turned into Giants (Google, Facebook, and Apple are some of the most successful examples).

Many innovative ideas have already begun to surface in the Market. One very trending idea is “Cafe”. Tea or Chai business in earlier days was considered as the business of poor. But nowadays there are many cafés are opened in our country which runs café in a very professional manner with very good service. Many good cafes have been opened in many cities and slowly it is coming to small towns as well. 

Importance of IT: One thing is very certain in post covid period is that Computer and IT is going to play a very important role in our economy (In fact this can be said for the global economy as well). 

Challenges: However post covid has brought many challenges also. The economic productivity of our country has decreased. The total amount of money has decreased in our system so this has put more strain on our economy. Industries are facing a shortage of money so there is a shortage of jobs, especially in the manufacturing sector. The government has less money to spend on various programs so many welfare programs may be shut down or partially suspended.

We can see less vacancy in government sector jobs. More government jobs will be outsourced by private companies.

Less skilled people (especially with low no computer or IT skill) will find difficulty in getting jobs. It would be very hard for them to get jobs and they would be forced to learn new skills else risk being out of the job market.

Low-skilled labor will be required to upskill them. They will have to update themselves with the current Industry standard. The job market will be more competitive and getting a job would be more difficult but with the correct skill, it can be easily managed. Now companies prefer to hire the right person for the right job. Companies have realized the importance of hiring the correct candidate.

Conclusion: Post covid there would be various challenges that need to be worked upon but correct skill and spirit it can fight upon. Many new trends will emerge and outdated methods will no more applicable. People have to realize that they have to change according to market needs come up with better ideas.

Post covid there will be sharp recovery which will bring fresh opportunities for people and with correct skill and knowledge they can easily take advantage of this.

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