Top 10 business ideas with low investment

Top 10 Business Idea with Low Capital


1. YouTubeYoutube as a career, sounds a little weird. Yes, it is true! You can be also a successful YouTuber and earn money. Carry Minati, Bhuwan Bam, Gaurav Taneja, Amit Bhadana, Ashish Chanchalani, and the list goes on. These are some of the successful Youtuber who is widely acclaimed in India as well as abroad. Some Famous International Youtuber is Casey Nastat, Amanda Cerny, and many more. These people are given celebrity-like status. Some of the creators have become a household name. With the coming of Geo in the Indian market, Youtube and other live streaming sources have increased tremendously. Successful YouTuber earns more than lacks (average 2-3 lakh per month on average, however, this is dependent on no. of factors).

How to earn

  • First of all, you need to have a Google account, then create your channel on Youtube.
  • Upload Quality Video and gain Subscriber. If your channel gets a certain amount of subscribers and your video starts getting a certain amount of view get it to monetize.
  • After monetizing Youtube will start showing ads to your video. And hence you start earning from that adds.
  • Your earning depends on No. of views, the content of your channel, country of origin, total video watch time.
  • Once you start earning and your subscriber reaches a certain level you start getting the brand endorsement.

Quality to Become good Youtuber

  • The first rule of any success, Hard work, Patience, and always ready to learn new things.
  • Focus on Content, if your passion is just to earn money than sorry this is not the right platform for you. Always go for better content, view, and the subscriber will automatically come to you.
  • Create your channel in Particular Niece, don’t go for everything.
  • Choose the trending topic for your video.
  • Observe your surroundings and get inspired by it.

Scope of Youtuber

  • You are your Boss. No need to work for others.
  • Good money, brand and face value
  • You become a social influencer and you can spread your message easily to people.
  • Get a celebrity-like status.
  • You get a brand endorsement from many corporates.
  • You have your value.

2. Blogging – You can create your site and earn from it. Your earning could o up to lakhs, depending upon your niece and the content of your site. The niece can be on any topic. The most important thing is that you are your boss. Either you can write your content or you can outsource from other. The only thing matter is quality and information. To earn money you need to get approval by Google Ad-sense. Google will run adds to your website and you earn in PPC (Pay per Click) CPC (Cost per Click).


How to Earn

  • After getting approval of your blog for Google Ad-sense, Google starts showing its add on your blog.
  • You get a certain amount for PPC (Pay Per Click) CPC (Cost per Click)
  • You can also do affiliate marketing on your blog.
  • A good blog with a certain amount of articles can earn $1000 – $2000 easily.
  1. Freelancing – A good freelancer not earns in thousands but lakhs. For becoming a good freelancer you need to have very good knowledge in your domain. Your expertise can be in anything whether IT, Photography, Journalist. To be a good freelancer you need to have contacts and good relations with clients. Future work will depend only on how much quality work have you delivered to the client previously.

How to Search for Work

  • If you are new to this, you can search online. Nowadays many freelancing sites provide you with work like Facebook, Quicker, Olx are another medium to get work
  • Good Relation with the client. In this industry, reference can help you a lot. So make a good relation with your client.
  • You can search in the local Newspaper.
  • Grow your contacts.
  • Provide quality work to your client. Your work will bring other clients to you.
  1. Affiliate Marketing: affiliate marketing means you help other companies sell their product and earn a small percentage of commission on it. Through affiliate marketing, you can easily earn in lakhs. There are a lot of affiliate marketing sites like Amazon, Flipkart.

How to Earn

  • First of all, you need to create your affiliate account in sites like Amazon (People mostly prefer Amazon), Flipcart. After creating your account you will get a unique ID.
  • You use that link on your blog, your social media account.
  • Anyone who buys the product using your link will get a small commission from that purchase from amazon.
  • The best part of it that you don’t have to do anything except promoting a particular product and convince the customer to buy that product through your link.
  • Different products have different commission rates. If a customer buys a product that has a higher MRP of course the amount of commission will also be larger.

      5. Online Course – Are you skilled in anything? Well if yes then you can in cash your skill and help others.          With the current situation, people prefer online classes rather than physically going to it. You can teach a          person online. No need to pay rent for class and infrastructure stuff. The only thing you need is a                        Laptop/Desktop and a good Internet connection. There are a lot of apps like Skype, Zoom through which          you can easily connect with people and share the knowledge. It’s a win-win situation for both teachers as          well as the student. The session can be recorded and later viewed.

     6. Social Media Marketing – Nowadays social media is not only for fun but if you use it correctly it can help       you to earn money. People have already started this to earn money. Facebook, Instagram are some of the         popular apps which are in huge demand. If you have a certain amount of followers on Instagram than you         start getting brand deals. The only thing you have to do is to promote their brands on your social media             profile. This way you not only earn money but you also become Social Influencer.

Social Media
  1. Web Site Designer – If you are good with codes know few languages like Java, .Net, HTML, well then you can be a web developer. Web site designers can easily earn 60-70k per month by working a few hours a day. A web developer develops Software for the client. You can also develop apps and get it ranked on Play Store and earn money. You can do freelancing and get work from various sites like Here you are your boss and you decide the timing of your work. Your earning is directly proportional to your work done.

You can also design a website for clients and earn decent money. You can fully design a website in 10-15 days. You can also hire someone if your work increases.

  1. Photography – If you love traveling and you have a camera, you can become a professional photographer. A professional photographer can earn up to 60-70k per month. You don’t need to have a college degree for that. All you need a good camera preferably DSLR and a Laptop. There is a lot of photography software available to enhance your picture. You can take the help of Youtube to learn this software. You can also do videography for a wedding or any event. A good 2-3 days event can make you earn in lakhs.
  2. Content Writing – If you want an article for your blog, Product then you need content for that. A content writer writes about any topics of his knowledge. Big companies hire skilled content writers for their products. You can easily earn up to 50-60k per month. The best part of this is that you can do content writing part-time also. You are paid for no. of words. An article with 1000 words can earn up to Rs 500 to 600. However, this is the average price that fluctuates based on the quality of your article and your experience. There are two ways of writing content for any product, either you know very well about your product or you can google it. Either way, you are going to get it benefitted. 

    10. Computer and Mobile Repairing Shop –  Hardware engineers are very much in demand in India. A                    good hardware engineer can earn up to 50-60k easily. You can do a basic diploma course or if you are                smart enough to take the help of YouTube. You can have your shop in a small place, all you need is a                  little bit of advertisement and little contact. You can also take a contract from a small organization. As                the work increase, you can hire more people. The success rate is very high for this as the demand for                 Computer and Mobile is increasing only. It’s not going to decrease anytime soon. With the increase in                 computers, there is a shortage of good hardware engineers. Take advantage of this and give your career           a new high.

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